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WLST 2023 edition.
****Will be shipped by 1/FEB

***Panzer Ace commander mini-fig included

*Wheels and Track system for smooth movement.

*Fully functional Hatch for Crew access

*All authentic LEGO parts


Commanded by one of the Panzer Ace, Michael Wittmann, the Panzer VI Tiger S04 is one of the most famous heavy tank in WW2.


Invented in the middle of the WW2, after the panzer unit faced a lot of challenge against the T34 USSR Tanks, the Tiger I came to life and became one of the best Tank in history.


However, it's over-engineered and difficult for manufacturing. Also it consume fuel heavily. That limited the performance of this tank in the war.

Panzer Ace Snow Tiger 2023Version

Only 7 left in stock
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