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*~623 Authentic LEGO parts

*Fully functioning Turret and smooth running tracks.

*Interchangable Fuel Tank

*1 detail printed Tank Commander mini-figure.


Soviet Medium Tank 

The T34 was first introduced into the war during 1941 at the eastern front. It is a superior tank at that period and the German have no match tank at the beginning. Its general specifications remained nearly unchanged until early 1944, when it received a firepower upgrade with the introduction of the greatly improved T-34-85 variant.

The T-34-85 gave the Red Army a tank with better armour and mobility than the German Panzer IV tank and StuG III assault gun. While it could not match the armour or weapons of the heavier Panther and Tiger tanks, its improved firepower made it much more effective than earlier models, and overall it was more cost-effective than the heaviest German tanks.



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